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Stewardship: Annual Pledge Drive

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them.”

Dear Fellow Parishioners:

This passage from Matthew (18:20) captures the essence, and importance, of community to Christians since the time of the Apostles to today. When we come together as a faith community we are living out Christ’s charge to us to worship the Lord not just as individuals but also as a community. Matthew’s audience may have heard echoes of the Golden Rule – do unto others as you would have them do unto you – in the emphasis on a minimum of two or three worshiping and communing with each other and by so doing being graced with Christ’s presence. May we hear the same.

This year we are celebrating 130 years of Christians meeting as a community of faith here at All Saints Episcopal Church. Those who have come before us were faithful stewards in their support of the All Saints community. We in turn take up that role, celebrating the parish’s heritage. Please be sure to mark your calendars for All Saints Sunday, November 3rd, when we will host several activities here at All Saints for our faith community as well as the Bay Head community in which we reside. More events will follow.

Even as we continue to celebrate this milestone, with this fall’s stewardship drive we are pivoting to the future. As we do so we are moving forward from a position of strength. Our current number of pledges, 118 versus 109 a year ago, is believed to be an all-time high (our loss of parish records in Superstorm Sandy makes definitive statements difficult).

Strength in numbers comes in handy. Our Sunday services, Christian education, inreach to fellow parishioners and outreach to the community at large define who we are as a Christian community. They all, as well as the maintenance of our church buildings, require funding. Capital projects undertaken this year include replacing much of the roof on the church, portions of our air conditioning units serving class and meeting rooms and some exterior repairs to our buildings. More are likely to follow.

The community of All Saints has responded generously to the call to fund our spiritual and physical needs in years past. We would like to thank you in advance for reaffirming your commitment to one another and pledging generously to the annual All Saints stewardship campaign for 2020. Our goal is to have at least 125 pledges for 2020. With additional pledges, and if as many of you as possible increase your pledges even modestly, we can achieve our goal of $205,000 in annual pledge income.

Enclosed is a pledge card that we ask you to fill out and return to All Saints in the accompanying envelope. Our goal is to have as many pledges turned in as possible by the time we celebrate All Saints Sunday on November 3rd. Don’t wait, make your pledge today!


The Stewardship Committee

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Stewardship Update
as of Friday, November 15
We’re off to a great start! As of this past Friday, the church has received 82completed pledge cards for a total of $148,200 for 2020. If you have already turned in your completed pledge card, “THANK YOU VERY MUCH!” If you have yet to do so, please turn in yours as soon as possible. BE A “PLEDGING MEMBER” OF ALL SAINTS EPISCOPAL CHURCH. Also, check out the new posters about Stewardship. One is in the Narthex and one is in Bristol Hall.
Church School Gifts for Life project
Sunday, November 17
Got change that jingle jangle jingles? Talk with the church school members at coffee hour. They are raising funds to support a Gifts for Life project and are looking for change to fill their bucket. They will be happy to tell you about their project and why we need to support these efforts. (Bonus - ERD is matching dollar for dollar every global donation now thru the end of the year. What the church school collects gets doubled) Happy Giving!
Newsletter Deadline
Wenesday, November 20
Please submit all articles for the newsletter to Linda Gyurko.
St. Gregory's Pantry Holiday Distribution
Sunday, November 24 and Monday, November 25
Sunday, November 24, 2:00-4:00 pm, Any and all help is needed to set up for Monday’s distribution Monday, November 25, 9:00-2:00 pm, anytime would be appreciated; help is especially needed after 1:00.
Supper with All Saints
Tuesday, November 26, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Supper with All Saints is thankful for our many guests who return each month to share a meal; we're thankful for the many All Sainters who volunteer to set-up, cook, serve, and yes, clean-up, too; we're thankful for the support we receive from the Vestry, our rector, Robert, and all the parishioners who donate a dessert throughout the year. From all of us, best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.
Bay Head Annual Christmas Walk
Friday, December 6, 5:30 - 8:30
Please join us at All Saints to welcome the season with our Christmas Tree Lighting, Caroling, and Christmas cookies & treats. The tree will be lit at 6:45 pm. We need volunteers to bake their favorite cookies and greeters to welcome visitors. There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board. Any questions call Julie Chowansky at 732-740- 9675
Outreach Support
through Sunday, December 8
We invite you to join Outreach to support MA22, a 501(c) 3 Jersey shore veterans support organization with an emphasis on helping veterans and their families prevent the devastation of military suicides. The "22" in their title refers to the 22 veteran suicides per day. Please use the 4th Outreach envelope in your current pledge packet and mark any check with MA22 in the memo line.
Military Outreach
Once again the Outreach committee is asking for donations of new items for military personnel serving overseas. Check the flyer around town for a complete list, but please consider new socks for men and women, suntan cream, lip balm, bug repellent, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving supplies for men and women, hard candy, gum, pretzels, granola bars, and a holiday greeting card. There will be a box in Bristol Hall for your donations
Altar Flowers
Please consider donating flowers for the altar in honor or memory of loved ones. Many weeks for this year are still available. The sign up book is in the Narthex. The cost for Altar flowers is $55 and Font flowers is $65.
Recurring Events
Sundays and Wednesdays
Please view our events page for specific times.

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