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“God loves a cheerful giver.”

Thank you, St. Paul, for taking a second crack at that fractious young church in Corinth so long ago and delivering the marquee quote for the 2018 stewardship campaign here at All Saints Bay Head. (To give the Church’s favorite foreign correspondent his due, see 2 Corinthians&nbps;9:6-7.)

Cheerful? That probably isn’t the word most of us would associate with stewardship, or the many other requests for funds we receive each year beginning about now. Why are they asking for money, and why more?, you might reasonably be asking, in a less than cheerful manner. Didn’t I just write a check for the chili cook-off hurricane relief effort, the fashion show, the blue grass concert, the etc., etc. and etc.?

Yes, you and so many others did. And do. Everyone involved in organizing these activities and those benefitting from your largesse thank you for each check. The community, the region, the state, the country and the world are a better place thanks to gifts from you and so many other givers. That ought to be something to be cheerful about, even if such giving is triggered too often by our fellow humans in such dire circumstances.

Most of these events associated with All Saints that lead to you pulling out your checkbook fall under the exceedingly worthy category of Reaching Out, or Outreach. That, after all, is what we as Christians are taught we should do. Reach out and help those in need, reach out and touch somebody’s hand, make this world a better place if you can…to quote saintly Diana of Motown.

To provide a forum for Reaching Out, to support our Reaching In to members of our immediate faith community, and to maintain and enhance the faithful practice of our Episcopal tradition in worship, we need to ask you to support All Saints in our annual stewardship campaign. By now, if you are on our mailing list or otherwise show up on our parish radar, you should have received a letter from the stewardship committee. We don’t want to repeat that information here, though feel free to contact the parish office for a copy of the letter, or pick one up in the narthex when you enter the sanctuary.

We think this is an exciting time to be a member of the All Saints community. Five years after superstorm Sandy, our Jersey Shore communities are firmly looking to the future, while not forgetting the past. Our Rector Robert Nagy is near the end of his second full year leading our flock, and is working with the vestry on multiple fronts to make the parish a more integral part of our lives, and vice versa.

Lay leaders on the vestry and numerous other committees and unofficial coffee klatches are devoting an amazing amount of time to making All Saints make a difference. Most don’t get the credit they deserve. On the other hand, you can usually tell who they are. They look cheerful. Join them.

Please pledge your financial support to All Saints for 2018, increasing your previous pledge if you can to help us cope with rising costs.

John Copman
Richard Derrick
Paul Hamelberg
Scott McMurray

All Saints Stewardship Committee

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Upcoming Events

Retirement of the Reverend Michael J. O’Connor
Through June 24th
A “Happy Retirement” card for Father Michael is in Bristol Hall. If you have yet to sign it, please add your name to the card.
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Congratulations, Graduates!
Saturday, June 23 and Sunday, June 24
We will be honoring high-school and college graduates. Congratulations to you!
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BBQ with All Saints
Tuesday, June 26, grilling from 4-6 pm
We welcome everyone! There will be burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans and a special 4th of July cake. Join us for a fun and tasty evening.
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Women’s Guild Annual Luncheon & Fashion Show
July 26, Bay Head Yacht Club
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Independence Day
Wednesday, July 4th
There will be NO Holy Eucharist. Have a safe and happy holiday!
Recurring Events
Sundays and Wednesdays
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Church Directories
Issued every six months
Everyone who receives email blasts via their email address should have received a digital copy of the Church Directory.
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