All Saints Church — Bay Head

Core Values

At All Saints Church, Bay Head, NJ, we strive to be:

Welcoming and Friendly

All are welcomed as Jesus would be welcomed. Visitors, friends and guests are greeted warmly and encouraged to participate fully with members and others in the church’s activities, including: worship, hospitality, fellowship, and more. All are encouraged to return.

Faithful to Our Episcopal Ethos

As Episcopalians, we value being part of the Diocese of New Jersey, the Episcopal Church and the world-wide Anglican Communion. The Anglican theology of God’s revelation to humanity – including through Scripture, Tradition and Reason — is most endearing to our spiritual life.

Guided by Our Liturgical Tradition

Using the Book of Common Prayer our worship is broad-based and reverent, making it familiar to as large a number of Episcopalians as possible and also representative of Episcopal worship to others.

Reaching Out to Those in Need

“You shall love your neighbor…”

Our ministry includes helping our neighbors in need: local, regional, national and global. In addition to our parish-wide efforts we work as a trusted community convener to focus the understanding of and support for solutions to common causes of concern.

Reaching In to Help Our Faith Community

“…as yourself.”

Our ministry includes a clear focus as well on our members and friends in need. We support the members of our faith community who need our prayers, our love and our attention in a variety of ways: visits, meals, pastoral care, communication, transportation, greeting cards and more.

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Parish Updates

Service via Zoom at 10:15 a.m.
Sunday, June 7th, 10:15 AM
Join us this Sunday at** 10:15 a.m.** for our Zoom service with Mary Frances Schjonberg. The Order of Service will be sent each Friday via email and will be posted on our website.
ZOOM Coffee Hour
June 7th, 11:30 a.m.
This Sunday's ZOOM coffee hour will immediately follow our 10:15 service.
Day by Day Devotionals
The May-July issue of Day by Day is now available. If you would like a copy mailed to you please call Linda Calvillo at the parish office (732-892-7478) or email ( and we will be happy to send one to you.
Cannon Memorial Scholarship
May 2020
The Cannon Memorial Scholarship application is now available. You can download the application here. Cannon Scholarship Application
Stewardship Update
as of Tuesday, April 28th
Thanks to all members of the All Saints Church family near and far for a very successful stewardship campaign for 2020. Collectively, we have pledged $200,050 in support of our parish for this year. We have 110 pledges, including 37 increased and nine new pledges. Exceeding $200,000 is certainly good news, and we believe it is a record for All Saints. We realize that the Covid-19 pandemic and required closing of our doors for now isn't what any of us "signed on for" when we made our 2020 pledges in the final months of last year. Then again, scripture repeatedly reminds us that the communities of faith in whose footsteps we walk endured more than their share of crisis, turmoil and testing through the years. We appreciate your continued support of the All Saints community as we work our way through this crisis and, at the appropriate time, come out the other side.
Recurring Events
Sundays and Wednesdays
Please view our events page for specific times.

Other Information

Church Directories
Issued every six months
Everyone who receives email blasts via their email address should have received a digital copy of the Church Directory.
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